The seedlings have arrived. We planted on Ash Wednesday, last week, and today, 7 days later, we have the beginnings of little baby plants a.k.a. seedlings. I’m very excited! The sky has begun to mist also which saves us water and brings those little guys and gals right up out of the soil. Yes, I talk to my plants. It’s good for them. Music is also great. It may seem weird but plants appreciate community also.

Last Friday, our pastor, Ryan Bell, and his wife Elysabeth, came with me to introduce 250 red wiggler worms to their new habitat. It’s really something to have our pastor come bless our land and our worms whose main job is to fertilize that land (and they do it so well).

Much of what is growing right now is lettuce, rosemary, basil, parsley, cilantro and broccoli. In the tray we have dill, butterhead lettuce, and mesclun. Beyond the pinecones are what we started from seed last week, radishes, carrots, swiss chard, and kale. In the very back you can see our tomatoes and sunflowers growing quite well. The garden is all organic and heirloom vegetables which brings good news to the folks who will eat our harvest. I can’t believe we have begun week 3. Tomorrow we will purchase our potato and onion seeds and plan our spring and early summer garden layouts.

I took some pictures today while I was there and met with Francisco again. He seems to be my Wednesday regular community conversation. I showed him how to separate his radishes which were growing by the hundreds. He seems to be a really great guy. I think next Wednesday I will ask a bit about his story and how he got here. What I appreciate most about the garden is allowing the 67+ other stories fill the pages of my journal and hopefully the hearts of all those who hear them.

Stay tuned as we continue this journey with you.

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