(ReD) fruits

About a month ago or more, Sophie, age 6, requested that we begin planting strawberries. So I planted some in March and a month later, we have our first fruits. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. You’ve never tasted a strawberry until you’ve picked one off the vine. I love using strawberries in fruit pies, milkshakes, ice cream, jams and spreads, salads, juices and preserves.

The garden strawberry was first cultivated in Brittany, France which was a combination of the Virginia strawberry and the Chilean strawberry.

I love the strawberry because it requires harvesting by hand and a good gardener gets up close and personal with her produce. Soon, I’ll invite Sophie back to the garden to harvest these fruits.

This week we also had an  abundant harvest of our radishes. We first planted these in mid-Feburary and have been harvesting them over the past several weeks.  This week we had a radish so big it resembled a beet and it was just as purple. It was almost twice as big as the other radishes.

What other red fruits and veggies will come from our garden this year? We have a few heirloom tomato seedlings growing as well as red bell peppers. What’s growing in your garden?


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