2011 Seed Orders

I just wanted to share what we’ll be growing in the garden this year. All of our seeds are heirloom, untreated, and sustainable seeds.

Bountiful Gardens Seed Order 2011

VBE-2328 Pinto Beans
VBE-2420 Envy (Edamame Soy Bean)
VBE-2465 Early Wonder Tall Top (Beet)
VBR-2540 Di Cicco (Broccoli)
VCA-2750 Primo (Cabbage)
VCA-2980 Shin Kuroda (Carrots)
VCO-3315 Anasazi (Corn)
VEG-3499 Black Beauty (Eggplant)
VKA-3910 Lacinato (Kale)
VLE-4200 Jericho (Romaine)
VLE-4110 Amish Speckled Butterhead
MBO-6240 Bolt Resistant Lettuce Mix
VON-4627 Valencia (Yellow Onion)
VON-4589 Mill Creek Red (Onion)
VON-4540 Chives
VOK-4500 Clemson Spineless (Okra)
VPE-4790 Alderman Pole (Peas)
VPE-4885 Habanero Peppers
VPE-4900 Jalapeno, Early
VBR-2580 Spring Raab (Broccoli)
VCH-3135 Fordhook Giant (Swiss Chard)
VPE- 4950 Yolo Wonder Bell (Red Bell Pepper)
MSW-6440 Sweet Bell Mix
VPU-5015 Winter Luxury (Pumpkins)
VSQ-5370 Crookneck, Early Summer Yellow (Squash)
VSQ-5410 Black Beauty (Zucchini)
VSQ-5440 Butternut, Waltman
VTO-5860 Pearson (Tomato)
VTO-5780 Brandywine (Tomato)
VTO-5842 Mortgage Lifter (Tomato)
VTO-5911 Verde (Tomato)
FSP-8610 Butterfly Mix
FSP-8600 Beneficial Insect Mix
HBA-7920 Sweet (Basil)
FCA-8660 Orange (Calendula)
HCH-8020 Chamomile
HCI-8060 Cilantro
HMI-8280 Mint
HSA-8350 Culinary (Sage)
HSA-8360 White Sage
HTH-8450 Thyme
FMA-8775 Lemon Gem (Marigold)
FSU-8875 Sunflower Mix

Baker Creek Seed Order 2011

CR111 Chatenay (Carrots)
CR112 Cosmic Purple (Carrots)
CU157 Solly Beiler (Pickling Cucumbers)
HPP102 Serrano Tampequino (Hot Peppers) ❤
TP101 Cherokee Purple (Tomato)
HB119 Echinacea, Purpuea (Flower)
HB126 Dill-Bouquet (Herb)

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