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Found By Love

I thought this was an important sermon at our church, Hollywood Adventist Church, this week and I wanted to share. The sermon’s title is Lent 4C: Found By Love. You can find it here. Wherever you are in your journey this Lenten season, I hope you can find yourself among those in need of grace and forgiveness. I am definitely among that group. In anticipation of Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, the Via Dolorasa, and Easter, I am reminded again I am not on this journey alone. I am grateful that my congregation, my community of believers, are being lead by a man who is aware of his need for grace and his wife who always goes first. It is rare that a pastor steps up and becomes truly vulnerable to his community and then posts it on a website for a larger community. This is one of the many reasons why I choose to worship here in Hollywood. I hope as you take time to listen to this sermon that you find your way back to the One who forgives you. You are not alone.


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