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The Heart of Me

After a week in the Wilderness, this is my new song:

Oh Silence, teach me to be wild
And free and completely me.
Dear Silence, call me home
And I will run through your grove
While cello plays the song of my life.
And I will howl at your moon
While dancing around the fire of your heart.

Part of me longs for the Dream.
Part of me believes in the Dream.
But the heart of me
Is untamable.

The heart of me begins in my womb.
Point me home.
Guide me home.
Take me home.

Oh Wind, that I may know
The ways of mystery and stillness.
Dear Wind, call me home.
And I will dance in the ocean waves
While your breath swallows me whole.
And I will mark your sky with
my lips gently kissing your clouds.

Part of me stays firmly planted.
Part of me believes I’m planted.
But the heart of me
Is uncultivated.

The heart of me lies in an artists’ brush.

Point me home
So that I may walk on moonbeams.
Lead me home
To discover the end of a rainbow.
Call me home.

Point me home
And I’ll sail to the ends of the Earth.
Lead me home
And I’ll fly beyond the heavens.
Call me home.


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