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Drive by Carroting

I had an incident on the 5 freeway this week that made me think twice about carrots. As I look back, it was funny, but at the time I was afraid for my life and my sister’s life. Sarah, 15, and I were driving home from from the garden on the 5 North toward Valencia, CA. I had reached the 14 Interchange and pulled up next to a big rig truck carrying two compartments that seemed like top loaders. I pulled up on the left side of the truck to pass and as I did, one of the compartments spontaneously opened and poured out thousands of large carrots. The carrots fell over my car, covering my windshield, and splattered all over the freeway. No other cars were nearby so mine was the only one affected by the immediate discharge of the carrots.

My first thought was, “Holy Carrots! My sister’s in the car!” My second thought was, “I’m a farmer and I’m gonna die by carrots.” My third thought was. “I gotta get off this freeway.” When we pulled off the highway we couldn’t stop laughing. But my car was covered in orange bits of carrot from top to bottom. Here’s a picture of my front passenger side wheel well. I got out of the car and took a few pictures. I had hoped an article would be published in the newspaper documenting the event but this will have to suffice. Fortunately, both my sister and I survived the carroting and lived to tell the hilarious tale. Maybe someone will write it up in the Onion. A scary story turned funny. Oh carrots, I still love you.

Watch out for big rigs, you never know the surprises they contain.


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